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What is SMS Software ?

Software for Pocket PC, PDA and smart phones is a simple powerful easy to use messaging utility that allows you to create and send group (mass) sms messages to list of selective contacts, phonebook or individuals globally. It allows you to create and send bulk SMS from PC to your customers via mobile phone connected to by Microsoft ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center. The bulk SMS utility is gaining in popularity with companies finding it a useful and cost effective means of reaching consumers.

Send SMS Message from your PC to Mobile

PC to Mobile SMS software allows you to send unlimited numbers of text messages (including personalized or targeted SMS messages, event and job alert notification, promotional or marketing campaign and more) instantly to individuals or mass people from your Personal computer to all mobile phones in one single click.

Bulk SMS Software

Bulk SMS Software
can help every business which tries to get as close as it can to its customers. The aim is to keep customers up to date with company news, products or service updates, relevant information about their accounts, or to send them notifications for important events. Bulk SMS Software can help you in doing this as mobile phones are a commodity today, and SMSSMS, you are sure that your customers are aware about the latest product/services you are offering.
(Short Message Service) offer an intriguing solution. SMS are delivered in a matter of seconds, and customers are far more likely to receive SMS and read SMS, no matter their current locations and SMS are FREE for reciever (In Roaming Some Operator may charge for SMS from customer). When you use SMS Software for sending

What is SMS Gateway ?

SMS Gateway is an application that serves Internet content to mobile subscribers using SMS messaging. The SMS Gateway connects to an SMSC (Short Message Service Center) on one side, and connects to applications on the Internet on the other side. Thus, SMS gateway functions as a "gateway" between the GSM network and the Internet, providing Internet information to mobile subscribers using SMS messaging.


SMS API has been designed to provide a straightforward, yet effective, method of integrating websites and software with our messaging platform; making it perfectly suitable for both small and large corporate information systems.

Furthermore, as our SMS API is based on HTTP or SMTP transactions, it is very simple to use and can get your application sending & receiving SMS within minutes even if you are not an experienced programmer.

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This tool is very useful for Business Bulk SMS text messaging can be used to remind clients or patients of appointments or to promote special events or offers. Many companies use this method including recruitment agencies, doctors surgeries, video rental outlets, advertise product and nightclubs.

ADV+PRO is offering a wide range of bulk text messaging solutions :

Stock and Commodity Market
Automobile Industries
Tours & Travel Industries
News and Print Medias
Advertisement Medias
Entertainment Industries
Multiplex Theaters
Insurance Co.,
Product Branding / Launching
Event Promotions
Market Research & Feedback
Welfare Clubs
Financial Institution and Educational Institutes,
Manufacturing Industries
Trading Houses
Hotel Industries,
Garment Industries and Logistics

ADV+PRO Key Features:

Messages are send with the Senders Name (as Sender Id).

Delivery to all cellular circles and Networks in India, GSM / CDMA.

Different customize messages to various mobiles can be send
in a single click.

No need to a attached any phone/ SIM or download/ configure any software.

High Delivery Speed with parallel connectivity.

Delivery Status Reports.

Logs of History Reports.

Follows Global Security Standards.

Trusted collaborator.

Economical and Cost effective.

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Pricing and Availability

SMS Adv_Pro software available at a very attractive package price of Rs.4500 which includes upto 2000 SMS Free*.

*Recharge Coupons Available in denomination of Rs.1000

For More sales you can call +91-80-22228441 ( 10AM to 6PM - Mon-Sat ).